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Annakut Puja

The festival of Annakut Puja, is a religiously significant aspect of 5-day Diwali festival. Annakut, as the name suggests, means mountain of food. On this day, devotees prepare different variety of dishes and offer it to Sri Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu and other deities as a way to express their thanks and gratitude to the almighty for bestowing his blessings.
Annakut preparation majorly comprise of dishes made from cereals such as wheat, rice, green leafy vegetables, gram flour curry among others. On this day, people cook 56 types of varied food preparations and offer it as 'Bhog' to Sri Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu. Prior to offering the 'Annakut Bhog', the idol of Sri Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu is bathed with milk and then bedecked with bright clothes and beautiful jewels